At Clasam, it is crucial that our articles are authentic. In the second-hand market, there are many counterfeit items. That is why we sought the most recognized method to validate the quality of our handbags, and without hesitation, we turned to Entrupy.

Entrupy is a company specialized in luxury product authenticity verification technology, such as designer handbags. They use a combination of technologies such as artificial intelligence, algorithms, and computer vision to meticulously examine the details of items and determine whether they are authentic or counterfeit.

Why did we choose to trust Entrupy? Finding qualified experts is not always easy, manual authentication takes time and is prone to errors. Entrupy’s technology sees things that people cannot, so even the best fakes are detected.

How does authentication work? With Entrupy’s mobile application as a guide, we take a series of images using Entrupy’s patented device. Entrupy’s AI evaluates the highly magnified images against millions of records in an extensive database. In a matter of seconds, the item is either certified as authentic or classified as unidentified. Entrupy’s algorithms learn with each new data point, continuously improving and adapting to the changing world of luxury products.