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At Clasam, we offer you an unprecedented encounter with second-hand luxury leather goods, enabling you to buy the handbag of your dreams thanks to a 0% monthly financing solution. We give new life to exceptional bags, democratizing access to luxury. You embody a sustainable and responsible way of appreciating luxury, and you control your budget.

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A 0% financing solution is possible up to CHF 10,000 with a monthly payment term ranging from 6 to 48 months. If the total amount of the bag is less than CHF 10,000, a down payment is possible but not mandatory.

Example 1: The bag costs CHF 4,800, and the credit amount is CHF 4,800 with a down payment of CHF 0.

Example 2: The bag costs CHF 4,800, and if you choose to make a down payment of CHF 500, the credit will then be CHF 4,300.

If the total amount of the bag exceeds CHF 10,000, you must make a down payment corresponding to the difference between the total price of the bag and the maximum financing amount. Example: The bag costs CHF 13,500, the down payment will be CHF 3,500, and the credit will be CHF 10,000.